Car Detailing Pakenham - Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection

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Bring back that new car feeling or protect your pride and joy with our mobile car detailing Pakenham and ceramic coating paint protection services.

Our dedicated team provide a fully mobile car detailing service to anywhere in the Pakenham area, coming to you at a time and day that suits you best. Or leave you can leave your car with us for paint protection services; we promise to deliver showroom results every time!

With our fully mobile service, you can carry on with your day and have total peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in the hands of Pakenham’s best team of detailers.

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Car Detailing Pakenham - Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection

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Paint Correction Pakenham

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Paint Protection Pakenham

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Premium Quality Car Detailing Pakenham

These days, it can be hard to find the time to have your pride and joy detailed. That’s why we take the utmost pride in making the process that much simpler for you. Our car detailers offer a completely mobile service, which is great for people who lead busy lives.

You can get the important tasks done and have total peace of mind knowing that your car is in an expert detailers hands receiving the treatment it has been longing for.

From a quick yet precise interior detail to a full premium detail with ceramic coating, our professionals can help you out no matter the current condition of your car.

Our Services

Take a look at our most popular car detailing Pakenham services

The Leaders in Car Detailing Pakenham


Our team is now undertaking mobile car detailing services in Pakenham!

Why waste time dealing with traffic or waiting in line at the car wash on your day off work? We will come to you fully prepared and equipped to wash your vehicle with only the very best-detailing products and tools around. We’re open 24 hours 7 days a week, and if you call early, it’s possible we can usually have your car done the very same day. However, we often get busy with regular clients so, it is best to book ahead!

All of our detailers are fully trained and have a passion for cars. They are insured and highly acclaimed by past clients – 100% guaranteed! Just go ahead and check out our 5-star reviews on Google.

Car Detailing Pakenham

Why Choose Us For Your Car Detailing & Ceramic Coating Protection Needs

5 Star Ceramic Coating Rating

We have protected the paintwork of 1000's of Pakenham's cars and received consistent 5-star positive reviews from our happy customers.

Professional Car detailing Staff

Our staff have years of experience in the automotive industry. You can be certain that you will be receiving the very best service when choosing Car Detailing Pakenham - Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection.

Guaranteed Quality Workmanship

We guarantee that all our work is of the highest standard for your complete peace of mind. Our car detailers only use world-leading products on your vehicle.

Wide Range of Services

We offer a wide range of paint protection and car detailing services for all vehicle types and budgets in Pakenham. Don't see what you're after? Contact us and we will be sure to help you out!

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A mobile car detailing service that you can trust to deliver showroom results every time!

Working Hours

Our Car Detailing Pakenham & Paint Protection Services

As Pakenham’s #1 certified and awarded workshop, we have all your needs covered. If you are unsure of what you require, why not give us a call? We are happy to discuss what will be the best option for you.

ceramic coating Pakenham

Interior Car Detail


3-5 hours of intricate attention to detail spent on the interior of your vehicle. After all, it is where you spend most of your time, whether it's driving to work or out on the weekend; why not have it looking its best? Whether its dog fur, kids mess, or your coffee was split – don’t worry! Our specialists can have your car looking and smelling like new again. Get a thorough interior detail today with the experts Car Detailing Pakenham.

Full Car Detail


The full car detail will see us working meticulously for 4-6 hours plus on the interior and exterior of your vehicle. This is the ideal service to have your car looking and smelling its best again. Our full car detailing service includes all components of your interior and exterior.  You won't find a more comprehensive full detail than this, which will leave you with that new car feeling again!

Full Car Detailing Pakenham
Cut and Polish Pakenham

Paint Correction | Cut And Polish


A cut & polish, also known as paint correction, is the best way to bring your cars paint back to life, looking its best again. As paint ages, it can begin to appear dull or hazy and can acquire light scratches. A cut and polish will restore your car’s surface and shine. It’s a great way to add value to your car if you’re selling or to restore that finish that you miss or never got to experience in the case of a second-hand car.

Ceramic Coating | Graphene Paint Protection


A ceramic coating can be described as an additional clear coat with incredible protective gloss and self-cleaning properties. Ceramic paint protection is suitable for new and used vehicles and is the best car paint protection that money can buy. Offering superior protection against the elements and environmental fallout such as bird droppings, decomposing insects, tree sap, air pollution, heat, and UV damage.

graphene coating pakenham

Paint Protection Pakenham

Whether you have just bought a new vehicle or have an old classic, protecting your vehicle’s paint is essential.

With so many different protective options, it’s easy to get lost in all of the technical jargon, but ceramic paint coating is recognised worldwide as the leading paint protection technology.  It offers a hard surface finish that protects against environmental fallout, bird acid, tree sap whilst remaining easy to maintain.

World Leading Protection

Easy To Clean

Stays Cleaner

Chemical Resistant

UV Resistant

Customer Approved

Why Choose Ceramic Coating For Your Paint Protection?

Ceramic coating paint protection is a high gloss permanent bond nano-ceramic coating backed up by a five-year warranty*; it utilises the latest technology to give your paintwork superior chemical resistance, UV & thermal resistance and anti-graffiti.

Mobile Service

We offer a mobile car detailing service to make things as easy as possible for you.

Self-Cleaning - Less Maintenance

After a ceramic coating paint protection washing your vehicle requires less effort and frequency, waxing isn't necessary as the coated surfaces do not allow particles to stick to your car’s surface.

Stay new! Permanently

Once the high gloss permanent ceramic coating is applied, you will see a mirror effect, glossiness and colour depth incomparable to anything else!


Ceramic paint coatings work as a barrier against saltwater, scum, oxidation, exhaust, stains & chemicals.

Other Car Detailing Pakenham Services

Besides our most popular ceramic coating Pakenham and car detailing packages, we also offer many other services. Don’t see what you are quite after? Why not give us a call? Our team are happy to help you with all your car detailing or ceramic paint protection requirements. 

Engine Bay

Did you know the engine bay is one of the first things people notice when purchasing a car? Why not get more money for your car when selling with a thorough engine bay detail.

Sticker Removal

We can remove any stickers or car wrap from your vehicle's glass or paint. This is perfect for removing branding for company cars before selling the vehicle.

Fabric shampoo extraction

The perfect solution for those stubborn, hard to remove stains on your cars seat and mats. Have your car's interior look new again with this specialised service that will remove tough stains on all fabrics while also deodorising your vehicle.

Headlight Restoration

Are your headlights looking a little yellow or faded? Our team are experts at headlight restorations, restoring them to a like-new condition, increasing the effectiveness of the headlight in terms of light again.

What Our Loyal Pakenham Customers Say

We take pride in our 5-star positive reviews from our loyal clientele. Here is what just a few have to say about us.

What a place! Initially I thought the price might be a little high. But you pay for what you get, and these guys are the best! They also threw in a headlight restoration for free! So in the end the whole service turned out to be quite cheap and top quality. Highly recommend. Go see them and treat yourself!
Eva via Google
5 star car detailing reviews Pakenham
They worked on my wife's car, and did a phenomenal job. We were considering selling the vehicle, but their work turned the vehicle into brand new condition. Quality work, and quickly done. Highly recommended!
Kelly via Google
5 star car detailing reviews Pakenham
The most important part of customer service is communication for me, and from the initial phone call with these guys was thorough and on point with responding to my inquiries about getting my car detailed. I decided to go with Car Detailing Pakenham - Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection as they are knowledgeable and straight forward with what my vehicle needed and took the time to explain the entire process to me. Upon our arrival I really noticed that he was very friendly and showed a high standard of professionalism. Troy and the team have exceeded my expectations and I have found my go to auto detailer in Pakenham. Thanks for your attention to detail. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Jewel via Google
5 star car detailing reviews Pakenham
The guys at Car Detailing Pakenham - Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection are super knowledgeable and very friendly. They custom tailored my needs and got my vehicle looking amazing and ready to sell. It looked so good, I sold it for my asking price within 3 days.. I highly recommend!
Savannah via Google
5 star car detailing reviews Pakenham
Car detailing pakenham

Mobile Car Detailing Pakenham

Car detailing doesn't need to be something that seems like a chore and is left till the end of the week. Our professionals are here to help!

Mobile Car Detailing is something most people want to leave for “somebody else”. We understand it can be a tedious and sometimes difficult procedure, especially if you don’t have the appropriate tools or knowledge. In fact, washing your car incorrectly can do more harm than good. Washing, vacuuming, and polishing a car to have it appearing like new can take time, so if you are unsure, you should leave it to the experts. 

SERVICE TIMES — this will depend on just how busy our team of car detailers are on the day, so it’s best if you make a reservation with us. A standard car detail can take up to 3- 4 hrs. However, as long as we have access to your car, you can carry on your day while our professionals will take complete care of your car.

We are the best mobile car detailing solution in Pakenham as we come to you, anywhere, at a time that suits you. With a fully insured and adequately trained teamed, you can be assured your car is in the hands of someone you can trust. No matter the reason for your call, quick spruce up, a regular full detail as well as wax, or getting your car all set for a unique occasion or event, whatever it is, we can help you out.

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